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RoadNarrows was a small robotics company that operated from 2002 through 2020. The company specialized in artificial and machine intelligence: robot platforms, components and accessories, embedded vision modules, 3D vision, mobile sensor network architectures, and software. Their expertise was in intelligent system architectures applied to robotics and distributed sensor systems and distributed some of the most advanced robotic product lines and peripherals used by the academic and research community around the world. 

We are moving on to new opportunities and new initiatives to help make the planet a better place. Thank-you to all of our customers, the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and all of our followers for your continued support. Thank-you to all of our former employees and associates who have gone on to pursue many interesting and important ventures and academic studies. 

We especially would like to thank our partners and vendors: K-Team, GCTronic, Hyulim, Cyberbotics, Hokuyo, General Vision, Perceptive Solutions, and others over their years for their continued support and research collaborations.

We will continue to support existing customers in collaboration with our partners and suppliers. Please don't hesitate to contact us.