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RoadNarrows Discontinues FedEx Services

Dear FedEx,

We are the founders of RoadNarrows Robotics and we have been working with FedEx since 2002. We create, sell, import, and export robots for academic and research institutions world-wide in the support of science and technology in education.

We’ve appreciated the support, service, pricing, and professionalism of FedEx over the years, as well as your code of ethics as a responsible corporate citizen as advertised on your web pages and blogs - for example, your EarthSmart program.

Unfortunately, we feel that the support of FedEx to the National Rifle Association (NRA) with NRA’s current stances on gun control and human fundamental rights to a safe society is untenable. Until the NRA chooses to support universal background checks, waiting periods, banning weapons of mass destruction such as automated rifles, and legal consistency across all states, OR FedEx stands up and discontinues business relationships with NRA, RoadNarrows WILL NOT USE FEDEX SHIPPING SERVICES.

Please understand our position and we look forward to changes in NRA and FedEx policies in the near future.

Kim Wheeler COO and
Robin Knight, CEO

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