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e-puck Extension with COM


e-puck Extension with COM

$ 960.00

e-puck Extension with Gumstix Overo Earth

Extension board which adds a Linux processor, some long range proximity sensors, Wi-Fi, and other features.


Enhance e-puck features with Linux embedded computer on module.

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  • Gumstix Overo COMs: compatible with all Gumstix Overo COM models. The communication between the Gumstix Overo COM (OMAP 35xx) and the e-puck (dsPIC) is handled with a serial line at 230400 baud
  • Mini-usb connector (console) used to enter the linux system through a terminal
  • One usb otg and one usb host: these two connectors are really useful to connect whatever peripheral you need, like a WiFi dongle or simply a flash drive to extend the storage
  • Speaker (speaker specification): with Linux running on the Gumstix Overo COM, it's really easy play any audio format you need or implement a speech synthesizer. If the user prefer to have the speaker on the extension linked to the e-puck processor, it can simply be done changing two small resistors
  • 8 LEDs: have you ever seen a board without leds?! Anyway they are completely controllable through GPIO lines (gpio70-gpio77)
  • Rotary selector: one could choose what program is running on the e-puck based on the selector position
  • 2 long range infrared proximity sensors (long range specification)
  • the PixelPlus PO6030 camera remains mounted on the robot, but you could receive image from it by using the OMAP ISP (Camera Interface Subsystem); this way we can receive up to 18 frames per second (VGA color images)

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More information on Overo Extension Wiki

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