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e-puck v.2 - Set of 3


e-puck v.2 - Set of 3

$ 2,950.00

Set of 3 robots - e-puck version 2

The e-puck is a small (7 cm) differential wheeled mobile robot designed for education and is also used widely for swarm robotic research. It is open hardware and software. It includes WifFi, BT, time-of-flight sensor, and USB charging.

e-puck is powered by a 32 bit microcontroller and features a large number of sensors in its standard configuration.

The e-puck hardware and software is open source giving low-level access to every electronic device and offering unlimited extension possibilities. A flourishing user community provides software, documentation and discussion groups.

Please see the manufacturer's wiki for detailed specifications:


The e-puck robot covers a large spectrum of educational and research demonstration activities. Potential educational fields are mobile robotics, real-time programming, embedded systems, signal processing, image or sound feature extraction, human-machine interaction and collective systems.

  • Teaching
  • Collective robotics
  • Evolutionary robotics
  • Art-Oriented robotics

Specification Summary

  • Microcontroller - STM32F4 at 168MHz (210 DMIPS), FPU and DSP core for signal processing
  • Sensors - 8 proximity and ambient light, 1 distance sensor, 3D IMU, 4 omni-directional microphones, VGA color camera, IR receiver for remote control
  • Outputs - 4 red LEDs, 4 RGB LEDs, green body light, 1 strong red LED in front, speaker (WAV files)
  • Communication - USB Full-speed, Bluetooth 2.0, BLE, WiFi
  • Programming and debugging - Free C compiler, Webots simulator support (license not included), onboard debugger (GDB), ROS/Robot Operating System support
  • Battery - 1.8 Ah Lithium Ion battery for ~3 hours autonomy

Package Contents

  • 3 e-puck Robots
  • 3 Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 2-Month Warranty
  • USB charging built-it

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