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About us

RoadNarrows is a privately held robotics and intelligent systems company founded in 2002. 

Our expertise is in intelligent system architectures applied to robotics and distributed sensor systems.  

We distribute and support professional research robots, sensors, and software from the some of the most recognized companies in the field of academic research robotics, including Swiss-based K-Team, GCTronic, Cyberbotics, Hokuyo, and Hagisonic. 

Our in-house research and development has been focused on a heterogeneous, open platform approach to robotics systems architecture. We are unique in developing a diverse set of robotics research platform types on a common architecture that include our:

  • 5 and 4 DOF robotic manipulator family (Hekateros)
  • Small outdoor research robot (Laelaps)
  • Smart Pan-tilt system (Pan)
  • Large outdoor research robot (Kuon)
  • 3D Vision sensor system (Eudoxus)

The core computing component of our systems for mobile applications includes our Ubuntu-based single-board computer system configured for mobile robotics based on the ODROID SBC (Samsung Exynos processors). 

Our software architecture includes ROS (Robot Operating System) as a recommended option on our common BotSense(TM) software infrastructure.

RoadNarrows' research and development had the support of National Science Foundation (NSF) grants 0711909, 0848762, 1113964 (NSF Link), and from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), grant SB1341-11-SE-0866 (NIST SBIR Link).

    RoadNarrows is based in Loveland, Colorado. 

    We are passionate about robots that are capable of doing extraordinary things for doing good.