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RoadNarrows has been importing research robotic platforms and sensors from manufacturers around the world for over a decade with an emphasis on open-source platforms, software, and sensors for intelligent multi-agent systems research.

Our customers, manufacturers, partners, and other collaborators are world-wide. 

In addition to RoadNarrows' products that are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house, we have value-added reseller and distribution agreements with the following companies or product lines, or otherwise recommend:


  • DST Robot (Korea), formerly Dongbu Robotics,  has developed intelligent mobile platforms, public service robots, vacuum robots, security robots, and the popular HerculeX servo-based humanoid robots.
  • GCTronics (Switzerland), manufacturers of small intelligent swarm robots for education and research, including the e-puck open-source hardware robot developed by EPFL-ASL and the Elisa platform. 
  • K-Team (Switzerland), makers of the Khepera micro robot and accessories for intelligent, multi-agent systems research, and manufacturers of the Harvard-designed Kilobot swarm robot.
  • Hagisonic (Korea), manufactures innovative Ultra-Sonic and Infrared sensors and systems including the AniBat anistropic ultra-sonic sensors and the StarGazer infrared localization system.
  • Hokuyo (Japan) produces high-quality optical devices including scanning laser range finders. Laser range finders are ideally suited for area scanning and localization of robots and intelligent systems.


  • Cyberbotics (Switzerland), the developer of Webots software, a powerful robot and environment modeling tool that interfaces with many different robots.
  • RoboRealm (USA), an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems.
  • ROS (Robot Operating System), is an open-source and free software framework maintained by the Open Source Robotics Foundation.