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AVX 70-pin Mating Connector -  245602670001829H+


AVX 70-pin Mating Connector - 245602670001829H+

$ 2.50

A single AVX 70-pin Mating Connector 245602670001829H+ 

Manufactured by Kyocera.  (Part 245602670001829H+ replaces AVX 245602070001829H+)

Multiple quantities will be shipped on a single contiguous strip or by request. Ask for a quote for quantities greater than 2000 units. 

Halogen-free. With bosses, no tabs. On a strip from a cut reel.

Each 70-pin AVX 245602670001829H+ connector joins to the mating AVX 145602670001829H+ connector on the Gumstix Overo COM.

A low-profile, SMT Microleaf, two-piece, board-to-board connector. Mated height between boards of 1.50mm on a pitch of 0.4mm.


Connect your custom expansion board to a Gumstix® Overo® Computer On Module (COM)

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