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RGB 3x3 Display Extension for e-puck


RGB 3x3 Display Extension for e-puck

$ 780.00

3x3 RGB display e-puck extension

The RGB panel is a new module designed to be suitable for the e-puck robot. It is comprised of:

  • 9 RGB LEDs
  • 8 infrareds
  • PIC18F6722 microcontroller

Every LED is independent from each other, so it's possible to turn on the LEDs with different colors in the RGB color space (additive color mixing)..


The infrareds are thought as identification transmitters, this means that the robots can be recognized by an external device such as a camera observing their combination of infrareds turned on and off; for instance using 8 IRs it's possible to identify 256 different robots.

The communication between the e-puck and the module is via the I2C bus. Color commands are sent from the robot to the RGB panel (nothing is sent in the opposite way); thus let us, for example, program the robot with a pre-fixed sequence of commands to send to the panel, resulting in a color animation. Other more elaborate demos could be implemented, reacting for example to the environment and nearby robots.

Another possibility is to develop a demo running on a computer and connecting the computer to the e-puck through Bluetooth (the e-puck and the module are connected through I2C as before); in practice the robot receives commands from the PC and forwards them to the RGB panel. This forwarding is implemented in the e-puck firmware, presented afterwards.

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