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e-puck Omnivision Module


e-puck Omnivision Module

$ 480.00

e-puck Omnivision Module

The omnivision module is an extension that is coupled with the e-puck extension for Gumstix Overo COM.


Camera for e-puck robot.


The camera is the same as the one mounted on the e-puck, having a maximum resolution of 640x480 (thus 480x480 for this purpose) and a framerate of 18 fps with the current driver. The driver of the camera is open-source, you can find it at GCtronic.

To unwrap the image you must do a polar transform, and crop. RoboRealm is a great software package that can easily do this unwrap for you.

The omnivision module was re-designed to include 3 RGB leds placed 120° from each other and an additional battery pack that doubles the available energy.

Omnivision + Gumstix Extension Part-by-Part Breakdown

Image unwrapping

Once you get an image from the camera you can post-process the image in order to see the whole 360-degrees laid out in a rectangular strip. For this purpose vision software called RoboRealm; you can download a free 30 days trial. Once you installed the software you can proceed with the following steps:

Grab an image from the camera

Raw (circular) image from Omnivision mirror

Start RoboRealm, open the grabbed image and apply a polar transformation (Transforms=>Polar); you should get an image similar to the following one

Polar-transformed image with extra space

Finally you need to simply cut the relevant part of the image, as shown here

Finished Panoramic Image

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