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Gumstix® Overo® Thumbo Expansion Board


Gumstix® Overo® Thumbo Expansion Board

$ 38.00

Gumstix® Overo® Thumbo Expansion Board

A USB-powered, DIP-style breakout board for the Overo®Earth COM or Overo®Water COM featuring USB standard A plug, for connection as a USB device, and level shifters for use with a set of test pads.

Note: An Overo COM with wireless communications, such as the Overo Air COM or Overo Fire COM, can draw more than 500 mA so is not suitable for this USB-powered expansion board. A USB port can provide a maximum of 500 mA.
** Thumbo does not have a USB console port.


  • USB standard A plug with OTG signals (wired as a device)**
  • Two (2) user-configurable LEDs
  • Two (2) user-configurable push buttons
  • Signals available on 60-pin, 0.100" through-holes at 1.8V logic
  • Two (2) two-wire serial ports
  • One 1-wire port
    • 6 PWM lines
    • I2C port
    • SPI bus
    • 6 A/D input lines
    • MMC/SD/SDIO interface
    • 8 GPIO
    • processor control signals

Note: Recommended for Overo®Earth COM & Overo®Water COM only. USB connection provides a maximum 500mA but Overo Air COM & Fire COM can draw more than 500mA

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