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Hagisonic StarGazer HLD2-S Landmark


Hagisonic StarGazer HLD2-S Landmark

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StarGazer HLD2-S Landmark

StarGazer Landmark Sheets. Distinguish each location by using different IDs. Used with the StarGazer™ as a unique sensor system for Indoor localization of intelligent mobile robots.

  • Height Range: 290 ~ 450 cm
  • Localization range: 350 ~ 440 cm per landmark
  • Size of dots / size of landmark: 30/200 mm
  • Application: Factory / Warehouse
  • Total combinations: 31 for normal spaces


Factory / Warehouse

Choose your Landmarks

Landmark(ID) : Passive Reflector of StarGazer System
  • Each landmark has different IDs
    • 3x3 type: 31 ID combinations
    • 4x4 type : 4,095 ID combinations
  • Landmark has location, direction, ID recognition code
  • Landmark does not consume any electrical power.
  • Easy installation, easy expansion to larger area

Landmarks size comparison

Landmarks sizing chart

Landmarks ID explanation



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