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Hagisonic StarGazer RS Kit


Hagisonic StarGazer RS Kit

$ 1,280.00

Hagisonic StarGazer RS Kit

The StarGazer™ RS System Kit provides a stand-alone module to develop robotic and embedded applications for the StarGazer™ module. The RS System Kit contains an StarGazer module and a StarGazer Interface board packaged within an enclosure. The HLD passive reflector landmarks are available in two grid sizes: 3x3 and 4x4. The 3x3 HLD1 set provides 31 unique IDs which are perfect for business small labs and offices and for typical sizes of domestic rooms. The 4x4 HLD2 set provides 4095 unique IDs. The HLD1 and HLD2 reflectors are also available in various grid spacings to optimize the StarGazer system for a given ceiling height.


The StarGazer™ by Hagisonic is a powerful new localization sensor for indoor robotics.

How it works


  • StarGazer™ module analyzes the image from the emitted infrared beam reflected from a passive landmark with a unique ID.
  • The module has two main sub-components: infrared projector and an image processing unit.
  • High resolution and high speed localization of position and heading angle is attained.
  • The passive reflector landmarks are attached to the ceiling.
  • There is no need for any synchronization or communication between a robot and a landmarks.
  • Navigational range is easily expanded simply by adding new landmarks to new ceiling areas.
  • Zones (e.g. rooms, work areas) are distinguished by different IDs.
  • StarGazer™ performs automatic measurement and calibration of distance between landmarks and ceiling height.
  • No battery or power supply is required for the landmarks.
  • Negligible cost for extension of landmarks is possible.
  • There are minimum affects from environment such as a lighting and sunshine.
  • Operates equally well at day or night. No external lighting is needed.


Landmark(ID) : Passive Reflector of StarGazer System
    Each landmark has different IDs
    • 3x3 type: 31 ID combinations
    • 4x4 type : 4,095 ID combinations
  • Landmark has location, direction, ID recognition code
  • Landmark does not consume any electrical power.
  • Easy installation, easy expansion to larger area

Landmarks size comparison

Landmarks sizing chart

Landmarks ID explanation


  • StarGazer RS Kit including a StarGazer Sensor Module, an interface board and an enclosure
  • 3-Pin Connector with Cable
  • On-line Documentation
  • On-line Sample Code
  • 90-day Warranty


  • Power

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