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Hokuyo URG 04LN


Hokuyo URG 04LN

$ 2,380.00

Laser Sensor: URG 04LN

Note: 12 week lead time. Prepayment terms only. This is a custom part for research purposes. 

Scanning laser rangefinder with 4-meter range, 5VDC, 100ms/scan, ±10mm, 240° scan angle, RS232 or USB interface

URG-04LN is a laser sensor for area scanning. The light source of the sensor is class 1 infrared laser of wavelength 785nm. Scan area is 240º semicircle with maximum radius 4000mm. Pitch angle is 0.36º and sensor outputs the distance measured at every point (683 steps). Laser beam diameter is less than 20mm at 2000mm with maximum divergence 40mm at 4000mm. Distance measurement is based on calculation of laser phase difference, from which it is possible to obtain stable measurement with minimum influence from object’s color and reflectance.


Suitable for next generation intelligent robots with an autonomous system and privacy security. URG-04LN is designed under JISC8201-5-2 and IEC60947-5-2 standards for industrial applications.


Please refer to Hokuyo's website for specifications and documentation.



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