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Khepera IV KoreIO Extension Board


Khepera IV KoreIO Extension Board

$ 749.00

KoreBot KoreIO Extension Board

The KoreIO is a general Input and Output extension board for the Khepera IV or KoreBot. It provides several interfaces for digital I/O, digital power outputs, 10 bit analog inputs and 8 bit analog outputs. The KoreIO can operate in stand-alone mode or communicate with a Khepera IV, KoreBot, or any external SPI or I2C master. A CAN bus controller is also included to connect a KoreBot stack to any CAN devices..


Provides the Khepera IV or the Khepera III's KoreBot II with additional I/O.


The KoreIO has been superceded by the KoreIOLE for basic I/O. However limited productions of the KoreBot are occasionally run, providing some availability for those users who need a CAN bus controller.

The KoreIO supports the KB-250 interface. The KB-250 interface is an open standard interface to expand the functionality of an existing Khepera IV or KoreBot base platform in a easy and fast way. Besides using a full line of off-the-shelf KB-250 modules, developers can also design their own modules. KB-250 modules can be used singularly or stacked together to give the needed functionality. Several KoreIO boards can be placed on one stack to allow control of a large number of I/O.

A set of high level commands is provided, to easily interface programs or for external operations.

  • 16x 5V configurable digital IO
  • 6x digital power outputs, up to 1 Amps per channel, fuse protected
  • General I/O
    • 8x 8bit analog outputs
    • 4.5V to -5V range
    • 15 mA driver current per channel
  • Control Interfaces
    • CAN bus controller and transceiver (1Mbps)
    • K-Net Interface (for communication with Khepera and Koala)
    • I2C Inteface (400Kbps)
    • RS232 Serial Interface (115Kbps)
  • KB-250 Male Interface for communication with Khepera IV or Korebot
  • KB-250 Female Interface for stacking

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