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Pan-Tilt Mount


Pan-Tilt Mount

$ 795.00

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Pan, the unofficial mascot of the Pan-Tilt Mount


RoadNarrows Pan-Tilt Mount

RoadNarrows Pan-Tilt Mount is a pan and tilt mounting platform that supports a variety of camera and 3D vision sensors for operation with a number of robotic platforms and applications. With a low profile and high range of motion, RN Pan-Tilt is a quick and easy way to increase your robot's field of view for either 2D or 3D vision. For more information, software, and pictures, please view the Pan-Tilt wiki on RoadNarrows' GitHub.


The RoadNarrows Pan-Tilt is ROS compatible, making it easy to control and integrate or use as an introductory platform for learning ROS.


The software and hardware for the RoadNarrows Pan-Tilt Mount is open source!

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