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Robotic Arm - Hekateros


Robotic Arm - Hekateros

$ 9,995.00

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Hekateros is an intelligent robotic arm which operates in arbitrary and variable environments through an integrated perception-actuation control system.

The Hekateros product, excluding the end-effector, operates as a 5 DOF arm with a rotating base. The Hekateros arm has a well-defined, standardized, open-source end-effector interface located at the end of the continuously rotatable wrist. The default Graboid Series D-based end-effector is fully supported and adds a 6th DOF. However, with the end-effector open architecture, third-party manufacturers may readily develop application-specific end-effectors.

Software is hosted on our GitHub repository, and the wiki covers many basic operations, including the quick start guide, installation procedures, network setup, teleoperation, and trajectory planning. 

Comes with a 90 day warranty. Optional 1 year warranty extension available.



Hekateros is an intelligent robotic arm which operates in arbitrary and variable environments. It is dedicated to research, education and light industry. Hekateros is ideal for mobile robotics.

What can Hekateros do?

Open Architecture

Software developed by RoadNarrows for Hekateros is open-source, allowing a community of users to develop and share innovation. The mechanical and electrical interfaces at the End-Effector (EE) are open to the public. The end user can readily order or custom-design an end effector in a plug-and-play fashion. This allows the user to be more flexible in the application of their arm while saving time and money on application/environment-unique development.

Compact, Lightweight and Strong

RoadNarrows has chosen to build the family of Hekateros arms from ABS plastic using digital manufacturing technology. This allows the arm to be both strong and lightweight (under 5kg). Any natural compliance under high loads can be compensated for by vision sensors and intelligent software that corrects for position accuracy. Hekateros supports a payload of 1kg at the arm’s full extension.

Processing and Scalability

Each Hekateros comes network-ready with WiFi and Ethernet and has its own embedded processor running a full-featured Ubuntu Linux load both enabling ease of use and allowing for serious data processing. Utilizing a powerful on-board kinematics engine in conjunction with the Botsense™ IP Proxy Framework, Hekateros has the capability to utilize modern distributed computing methods that enable uncompromising scalability. This network scalability allows multiple Hekateros arms to be controlled by a central computing system, allowing numerous arms to work together in an intelligent manner.

Ease of Expandability

Hekateros provides a variety of power and data connections throughout the arm for the user to add their own sensors and devices. The pinnacle of this is demonstrated at the EE Interface. Hekateros provides the user with USB, power, digital I/O capabilities, and support for Dynamixel actuators at the end of a continuous rotating wrist. This provides unmatched expandability for the user to tailor Hekateros to accomplish a multitude of tasks. With an onboard computer running a standard Ubuntu Linux, serious computing power is available to process data and drive numerous accessories.

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