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Robotis Dynamixel MX-28 T/R


Robotis Dynamixel MX-28 T/R

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The MX series is a new concept of DYNAMIXEL with advanced functions like precise control, PID control, 360 degree of position control and high speed communication up to 3Mbps. The servo has a maximum holding torque of 32Kg/cm (3.1 N.m) and has 12 bit Position Resolution (0.088deg. resolution). The servo uses the well-known and reliable Dynamixel bus over TTL. This means it can be connected to the same chain/network of other Robotis Servos (MX-xxT and AX series) and they can all co-exist on the same bus.



Technical Information


Providing high performance for autonomous robots




35.6mm x 50.6mm x 35.5mm

Gear Ratio

193 : 1

Operation Voltage (V)

11.1 / 12.0 / 14.8

Stall Torque (N.m)

2.3N.m / 2.5N.m / 3.1N.m

Stall Current (A)

1.3 / 1.4 / 1.7

No Load Speed (RPM)

50 / 55 / 67


Maxon Motor

Minimum Control Angle


Operating Range

Actuator Mode : 360°, Wheel Mode : Endless turn

Operating Temperature

-5°~ 80°

Command Signal

Digital Packet


MX-28T: (Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit,1stop, No Parity))
MX-28R (RS485 Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit,1stop, No Parity))

Link (physical)

MX-28T (TTL Level Multi Drop Bus)
MX-28T (TTL Level Multi Drop Bus) (daisy chain type connector)


254 ID (0~253)

Baud Rate

8000bps ~ 4.5Mbps

Feedback Functions

Position, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, Current, etc.


Case : Engineering Plastic, Gear : Full Metal

Position Sensor

Contactless absolute encoder

Assembling Structure

Daisy Chain

Dynamixels that have unique ID are controlled by Packet communication on a bus. They support network of TTL, RS 485 etc. according to model. Wiring is simple because it is linked by Daisy Chain.
LED and Shut-down (Torque-off) functions can be set regarding high temperature, overload, overvoltage, and low voltage.

Compliance Settings

There are compliance margin and slope control functions.

PID Gain Control

Uses PID Gain Control, Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Derivative Gain for control (MX series).

Torque Setting

Torque can be set up by 1024 steps from maximum Torque to free run state.

Low Electric Current, High Voltage Drive

Its efficiency is high because it runs by high voltage and it improves stability of robot system that is formed by Dynamixel because current consumption is low.


Dynamixel can be controlled using exclusive controllers and PCs: USB2Dynamixel, CM- 700 Controller, CM- 530 Controller


  • Roboplus: The setting and the programming of Dynamixel can be done easily using RoboPlus.

  • Embedded C: It makes the users possible to develop their own firmware.
  • Dynamixel SDK:It is a standard programming library to develop S/W controls Dynamixel.
  • ZigBee SDK: It is a standard programming library to develop S/W communicates with RoboPlus Task with RoboPlus Task code.

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